War and Foreign Policy
Open Letter to President Trump | Oath Keepers | Part 1 and 2: Oath Keepers Website
Citing Tucker Carlson, the Oath Keepers who stormed the Capitol were trying to save us from a take over by China, which they say we are at war with.

Apparently they think Tony Blinkin, Janet Yellin, Merrick Garland, Ron Klain, Avril Haines, Rochelle Walensky, Jeffrey Zients, John Kerry, Eric Lander, Gary Gensler, Wendy Sherman, Victoria Nuland, Alexandro Mayorkos, Anne Neuberger, and Rachel Levine are Chinese. What a bunch of retards!
Joe Biden's inaugural address: Full transcript: Al Jezeera
Fake President Biden asked Americans to "begin to listen to one another again". He also said there has been a rise of "political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism," which of refers to Trump supporters, whereas BLM riots were "a cry for racial justice."
Mark Dankof joins Patrick Slattery on RBN on December 11th at 1 pm Central : From Vkontakte
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What Is John Brennan So Worried About?: Ray McGovern, Consortium news
Trump has fired the Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. He needs to fire Gina Haspel at the CIA, which could happen this week. He also needs to fire Paul Nakasone at the NSA. If he then declassifies Russiagate information, he will blow the lid off of the deep state.

Moderna's Israeli top medical officer: We've shown today that our vaccine works: The Jewish Link
By the way, Pfizer's CEO, Albert Bourla, is also a Jew from Thesaloniki.
Home A Brief Chronology of the Sierra Club's Retreat from the Immigration-Population Connection (Updated) A Brief Chronology of the Sierra Club's Retreat from the Immigration-Population Connection (Updated): Center for Immigration Study
This is how pro-immigration Jews hijacked America's foremost environmental organization.
White Racialism in America, Then and Now: The Unz Review
What's the problem there?
The Fifth-Generation War on White People: The Unz Review
First they came for the Southern white man...

Election and Politics
Mark Dankof Joins Patrick Slattery on NBR on RBN: ROADMAP for February 26th, 2021: From Vkontakte
Top Stories of The Week for the Slattery-Dankof Dynamic Duo on National Bugle Radio on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN).
Proud Boys splintering after Capitol riot, revelations about leader. Will more radical factions emerge?: USA Today
It depends if the FBI directs the splinter groups to be more radical.
'The last straw': the US families ending love affair with grocery chain after Capitol riot: The Guardian
"It was the last straw," said Mize, 57, an advertising copywriter from Orlando. "Insurrection at the Capitol, images of the police officer with his head being crushed..." How many images of the police officer with the crushed head could he have possibly seen, seeing as it never happened!
2 frames 2 min apart...Deep fake?: Twitter
This is from Trump's speech condemning the Occupy Congress event. What do you think?

Rush Limbaugh, conservative talk radio pioneer, dead at 70: Fox News

Missouri House passes 'Second Amendment Preservation Act': The Missouri Times
This is nullification.
Defiant DeSantis blasts Biden administration amid report of travel limits: Politico
I think DeSantis to Biden to F**k himself.
Jen Psaki Says Taking People's Guns is a "Personal Priority" for Joe Biden: Daily Stormer (The most trusted name in news)

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