War and Foreign Policy
Noam Chomsky: "Israel is the REAL election meddler": Democracy Now!
Noam Chomsky made a very forceful case on the hyper-ethnocentric Jew Amy Goodman’s show that if anyone meddles in American elections, it’s not Russia, but Israel.
Stephen Cohen school progressive Jewish host Aaron Mate on the whole “Putin murders journalists” lie: The Real News

Stephen Cohen schools Jewish Neocon Max Boot on CNN: CNN
Professor Stephen F. Cohen can always be relied on to be honest and insightful.
Russia Scholar Stephen Cohen Exposes Absurdity/Bias of media on Russia - Al Jazeera America: Ruvid
Blast from the past. Great Stephen F. Cohen interview with the loathsome Ali Velshi where he pushes back on Velshi for his Bill Browder propaganda.

Woman ‘murdered abducted baby boy by setting him on fire’: Metro News
This is the baby:

And this is the lady that set him on fire:

Man Drives Through Antwon Rose Protesters On Route 30: KDKA Channel 2 CBS

§ 508. Use of force in law enforcement: Pennsylvania Statute
508(a)(1) A peace officer ... is justified in using deadly force ... when he believes both that: (i) such force is necessary to prevent the arrest from being defeated by resistance or escape; and (ii) the person to be arrested has committed or attempted a forcible felony
Teen inside car with Antwon Rose arrested, charged with attempted homicide in North Braddock shooting: WTAE Channel 4 Pittsburgh
Watch the video of the car Antwon was in carry out a drive-by just minutes before Antwon fled from police custody with an empty magazine in his pocket, leaving a gun under his seat.

Election and Politics
Actor Peter Fonda: 'Rip Barron Trump From His Mother… Put Him in Cage With Pedophiles': Breitbart

Bombshell Claim Raises New Questions: Mueller Threatened To Charge Papadopoulos As Unregistered Agent Of Israel: Zero Hedge

MSNBC Interviews White Nationalist Candidates: ‘Monstrous Nature of Jewish People’ Must Be Exposed: Mediate (with video from MSNBC)
Patrick Little, Paul Nehlan, Art Jones, and others are making great progress.
Lying Liar James Clapper Just Lied Again About His Previous Lies About NSA Spying: The Federalist
'I made a mistake. I didn't lie.'

TMZ Goes MAGA: How Harvey Levin’s Gossip Empire Became Trump’s Best Friend: The Daily Beast

Roseanne Barr Goes on Wild (And Racist) Tweetstorm About Clintons, George Soros, Chris Cillizza: Media ITE

Meghan Markle in a saucy scene in the first episode of 90210: DailyMail
Her oral sex scene from 90210 would seem to make her a more logical replacement for Nikki Haley than a member of the British Royal Family.
There’s a Crypto-Mining Machine in Every Home in Caracas: Bloomberg
Remember, Trump isn't just threatening and wheeling and dealing with the North Koreans, but he is also threatening and wheeling and dealing with the Zionists.
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