War and Foreign Policy
Tell Me How This Ends: Charles Glass from Harper’s
Lead story on Antiwar.com.
After Gaza Slaughter, Obama Officials Meet With Israeli Generals to Counter the ‘Poisonous ‘ Goldstone Report and ‘Get the Truth Out’ : Philip Weiss from Mondoweiss
National Bugle Radio News Page perusers of our Big Board will want to read this sordid story in conjunction with the latest Philip Giraldi and Glenn Greenwald posts we have reposted. It is grim. The Clock is Ticking to Disaster.
Is Bolton Steering Trump Into War With Iran?: Patrick J. Buchanan from Antiwar.com
When will the American public run Bolton, Pompeo, and the Circus out of Dodge? Has the Tribe got Trump by his privates with a pair of pliers?
Twitter Traffic Awards Netanyahu and Eisenkot for Directing Wahhabic Terror in Syria: From Twitter

Anti-immigration group sues SPLC over inclusion on hate list: The New York Post
The SPLC is a Jewish hate organization.
There Will Be Two Civilizations in Europe, One Christian, One Mixed Islamic: Orban of Hungary Declares War on Macron and the EU Over His Country’s Survivability : From the Daily Mail
We salute Viktor Orban of Hungary.
Resignations Rock US Civil Rights Institute After Stripping Angela Davis of Award Over Her Pro-BDS Views: From Russia Today

Angela Davis on Cancellation of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Award: “An Attack on the Indivisibility of Justice”: From Mondoweiss

Election and Politics
Why Conservative Media and the Far Right Love Tulsi Gabbard for President: The Daily Beast
We love her be because she is the only person in Congress (besides Rand Paul) who wants us to withdraw from Syria. How diabolical is that?
Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Is Running for President With Focus on 'War and Peace': CommonDreams

The New Gray Lady: Comfort Zone for the War Party: David Stockman for Antiwar.com
Stockman on the latest War Party lunacies and Russia Gate.
The FBI Investigation of Donald Trump as a “National Security Danger” Is Itself a Danger but J. Edgar Hoover Pioneered the Tactic: Glenn Greenwald from The Intercept
The endgame is the achievement of The Empire’s War With Iran and Putin’s Russia. Can you spell I-n-s-a-n-e??? And when will Trump initiate his own survival by axing Bolton and Pompeo and telling the American people why? Or has the President been threatened with another Dealey Plaza?

Understanding Why the Deep State Had to Take Down General Michael Flynn: Frank Hawkins from the American Thinker

A Book on Britain’s Role in Killing 8-10 Million Iranians in World War I : From Press TV

American Anchorwoman working for Iran’s State TV arrested after flying to U.S. broadcaster says: From Fox News
Fox reports that Press TV correspondent Marzieh Hashemi was transferred to a federal detention center in Washington, D.C. after arrest at St. Louis’s Lambert International Airport upon arrival there to visit a terminally ill brother. Fox also reports the arrest of Hashemi’s son. CNN, the St.Louis Post Dispatch, the New York Times, and the Washington Post are presently silent.
Press TV Anchor Marzieh Hashemi Jailed on Unspecified Charges : From Press TV

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