War and Foreign Policy
Tulsi Gabbard Gets Some Vindication : Scott Ritter from Truthdig
Zero in on Syria and the chemical weapons incidents as False Flags.
Russian ''Spy' Plane Spotted over the US Midwest in Surveillance of Strategic Assets in Hawaii : From the UK Daily Mail
Mark Dankof went to high school in Honolulu and Dayton, college and seminary in Chicagoland. CNN reports on the basis of this Daily Mail report on the aerial Russian Dayton-Chicagoland-Honolulu route that he's working for Putin in keeping LGBTQ bars and political assets under surveillance in America. Dankof reports some incredible Russian spy plane photos of Don Lemon of CNN in New York and Pete Buttigieg in South Bend. 😂😂😂🍺🍺🍺👍👍👍🤠🤠🤠
UK Calls for 'Stronger Protections for Christians' While Continuing to Support Terrorism in Syria: Vanessa Beeley from RT

Liberating America from Israel : Paul Findley from IHR
Paul Findley recently passed at age 98. R. I. P.

New Film Reveals Life of Civil Rights Activist Jack O'Dell: Truthout
Jack O'Dell was a pretty decent guy, so read this as a case study of how a perfectly well-meaning person becomes a commie.
Fertility and Birth Rate Differences by race and Hispanic origin: Childtrends.org
Surprise: Central Americans have way more babies than white people!
Israel Education Minister: Intermarriage Among US Jews Like a Second Holocaust : From JTA and Times of Israel

Government Can Know Everything About Us But Citizenship: Paul Craig Roberts from Lew Rockwell

Election and Politics
Raising the Red Flag: Americans Fear a Gun Grab on the Horizon : Robert Bridge from Strategic Culture Foundation
Mark Dankof: Must read from Robert Bridge. Hes one of the best, either here or on RT.
Trump's Nationalist Report Card: A Solid C: Robert W. Merry from The American Conservative

Protesters Threatening and Shooting ICE Facilities : TNA Video from The New American

Trump Bets His Presidency on Tariffs as Recession Looms : Pat Buchanan from The American Conservative

Ex-Blackwater Guard Nicholas Slatten Sentenced to Life for Nisour Square Massacre : Brett Wilkins from Antiwar.com

Don Wassall Intelligence Report on Globo Homo : From the American Freedom Union
Pay attention to the excerpts from the Lionel Barber G-20 Summit Interview with Vladimir Putin for the Financial Times. Don Wassall of The Nationalist Times and The American Freedom Union will be the special guest on "Generations" on EuroFolkRadio on August 26th with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, Dr. Adrian Krieg, and Mark Dankof.
CNN's Don Lemon sued for alleged sexual harassment of a man in New York bar: Russia Today

These are the Dates That Destroyed America : Chuck Baldwin from Russia Insider

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