War and Foreign Policy
Trump Says Little on Gaza, and Nothing About What He’d Do Differently: New York Times
He should have stuck to saying little on Gaza. But he opened his big fat mouth.
Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland: The Two-Year Anniversary of Russia's Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine: Center for Strategic and International Studies
This includes both the video and a transcript. The only question is how much is she delusional and how much is she lying?
Tucker Carlson's interview with Vladimir Putin: Tucker Calrson Network
This is a two-hour interview. It is worth listening to. You can listen at 1.5x speed and it will take an hour and 20 minutes. Few normies have ever heard Putin, and if nothing else he seems reasonable and rational.
Secretary Kerry Hosts a Swearing-in Ceremony for Victoria Nuland as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs: State Department Website
Nuland's daughter looks like Anne Frank.

Demographics of the United States: Wikipedia
It's just Wikipedia, but it's good background.
Explaining Why Minority Births Now Outnumber White Births: Pew Research
This is a dozen years old, but it is still good background.
Jewish Organizations Unite Against Dangerous Conspiracies: Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
Alejandro Mayorkas is obviously subversive Jew who has done more demographic damage to America than anyone in modern history. That's why Jewish organizations support him.
Foreign-born share of US population In 2022, 13.9% of the population in the US was foreign-born.: USA Facts
Some background information on immigration data

Election and Politics
Trump Says Little on Gaza, and Nothing About What He'd Do Differently: New York Times
Nobody knows what Trump will do because he doesn't know what he will do. Besides, whatever he tries will be undermined and manipulated.
The Economist/YouGov Poll January 21 - 23, 2024 - 1664 U.S. Adult Citizens: YouGov
Just of bunch of polling data.
print-icon Ray Epps To Be Criminally Charged For Role In January 6th, Blames Tucker: Zero Hedge
How gay is that?
MAGA and Christian nationalism: Bigger threat to America than Hamas could ever be: Salon
Nobody should read this unless you are looking for an example of just how Jewish and gay and out of touch the MSM is.

UPDATED 10:20PM: Chaos In 770 After Attempt Made To Close The Tunnel Under 770: CrownHeights.info
I don't think the whole "Jewish tunnels" thing is really a big deal, but it was kind of funny.
Mike Benz The Tucker Carlson Podcast : EPISODE 75 - MIKE BENZ | TUCKER CARLSON: Happy Scribe
Here is the transcript of the interview below.
This is really interesting. It fills in the details about the censorship apparatus that we all already assume exists. Probably woth listening to twice. Mike Benz founded The Foundation for Freedom Online, whatever that is. MSNBC published what was supposed to be a hit piece on him, but only validates him as legitamate as far as I can see. What do you think?

Michael Benz, a conservative crusader against online censorship, appears to have a secret history as an alt-right persona
A. Baerbock und das Trampolin. Das vollständige Video, und ihr Interview über das Trampolinspringen.: YouTube
And now, Girls Jumping on Trampolines. Specifically, Annalena Baerbock, the Foreign Minister of Germany. She has been destroying Germany, but you have to admit she looks pretty cute on that trampoline.
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