War and Foreign Policy
The Habilian Association of Iran Interviews Mark Dankof on Israel, the MEK, and Iran : From Mark Dankof’s America
Material discussed by Patrick Slattery and Mark Dankof on the MEK for the National Bugle Radio show of August 20th, 2018 on the Republic Broadcasting Network is supplemented here by an interview of a few years ago which contains links to the RAND Corporation file on the MEK and Elizabeth Rubin’s coverage on the MEK for the New York Times.
MEK Money Can’t Buy Love, But It Can Buy A Lot of Politicians : Philip Giraldi from Mint Press News

Mossad to Use MEK for Fatal False Flag Attack in Albania : Massoud and Anne Khodabandeh for Iran Interlink

U.S. Promises to ‘Disrupt’ Oil Shipments to Syria, Sanction Russian and Iranian Companies : From RT

Abortion Rates Plummeting in Russia: Orthodox Church Helps the Embrace of Pro-Life Values in Russia : Dr. Steve Turley For Russian Faith via Russia Insider
The New World Order has epileptic seizures over the renaissance of Russian Orthodox culture in Russia, and the latter’s embrace of the sanctity of life and the rejection of International Faggotry in the West.
Are there any straight whites left in Harvard?: The Harvard Crimson
Peruse this survey of the demographics of Harvard. Remember, Hillel for years has claimed 25% Jewish enrollment at Harvard, and they get thrown into the White category even though they are the most anti-white group out there.
Young Refugee Marches Naked in Streets, Rapes Old Lady on Italian Beach - Report: Sputnik News
Salvini asked "Where are the radical feminists?" Indeed.
Somalian Refugee Marches Naked in the Streets, Rapes Elderly Lady on Beach : From Sputnik News
Italian Deputy PM Matteo Salvini notes that this is a declaration of war on Italians and that radical feminists are notoriously silent. Time for an Italian people to put the New World Order out of business and to get their own National Rifle Association rolling now.

Election and Politics
Terrorists, Cultists, or Champions of Iranian Democracy? The Wild, Wild Story of the MEK: Arron Merat from The Guardian

The Art of The Smear: The Israeli Lobby Busted: Sheldon Richman from Antiwar.com

Whose Money Stoked Religious Conflict in Ukraine and Who Tried to Steal It?: James George Jatras of Strategic Culture from Lew Rockwell

Israeli Minister Uri Ariel and Settlers Storm Al-Asqa Mosque : From Press TV

Prosecution of Assange a Threat to Press Freedom : Glenn Greenwald from The Intercept

Phil Ochs and the Crucifixion of President John F. Kennedy : Edward Curtin for Lew Rockwell
Fascinating read on the mysterious life and times of Phil Ochs.
American Pravda: Holocaust Denial: The Unz Review
He is not exactly saying the Holocaust never happened. He is just saying that all of the "scholors" promoting the "Holocaust myth" are full of BS.
Navy SEALS and Marine Raiders Face Murder Charges in Death of Special Forces Soldier : From Washington Post
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