War and Foreign Policy
Why US harassed Iranian Mahan Air Flight 1152: Mark Dankof from Press TV
Interview just under 5 minutes.
Presumptuous Pompeo Pushes Preposterous 'Peking' Policy : Ray McGovern from Lew Rockwell

Cold Wars and Profit: Ambassador Craig Murray from Russia Insider
Cold Wars & Profit. @CraigMurrayOrg is absolutely right. @CBausman @RussiaInsider If an asteroid runs into the earth, any surviving press will blame it on Russia...
US Officials Tell AP: Russia Spreading Virus Disinformation: From Snopes
U.S. officials on Tuesday singled out a news agency, InfoRos.ru, that operates a trio of websites InfoRos.ru, Infobrics.org and OneWorld.press that they say have leveraged the pandemic to promote anti-Western objectives and to spread disinformation. 🤠🤠🤠🍺🍺🍺👍👍👍 Two Russians who have held senior roles in Moscow's military intelligence service known as the GRU have been identified as responsible for a disinformation effort directed at American and Western audiences, U.S. government officials said. They spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. The information had previously been classified, but officials said it had been downgraded so they could more freely discuss it. Officials said they were doing so now to sound the alarm about the particular websites and to expose a connection between the sites and Russian intelligence. 🤠🤠🤠🍺🍺🍺👍👍👍

Jews DO control the media: Times of Israel
What do you think?We told you so!
Leader of radical black-only militia NFAC 'believes in violence' & wants a real-life Wakanda for every black person in America: Chris Sweeney from RT
The NFAC (Not F*cking Around Coalition) grabbed plenty of attention on social media with a high-profile public debut on July 4. The sight of an all-black militia, clutching rifles and handguns, marching in the heartland of the Ku Klux Klan at Stone Mountain caused plenty of ripples. So to make their intentions clear, NFAC founder and leader Grand Master Jay (real name John Fitzgerald Johnson) spoke exclusively to RT.
'Boogaloo' on the loose: Experts warn Congress about extremism on the right: Yahoo News
The SPLC tells Congress "Don't believe your lying eyes, goyim! It's right-wing white people in rubber negro masks that's burning down the joint."
'I believe in white supremacy': John Wayne's notorious 1971 Playboy interview goes viral on Twitter: Washington Post
Put this in the context of 1971.

Election and Politics
Crash the Economy, Burn the Cities, Infect the People: the Evil Plan to Remake America: Mike Whitney from the Unz Review
The American people are under attack, the country is under attack, and democracy is under attack. At present, the enemy is conducting a three-pronged assault on the presidency the objective of which is to remove the existing administration and install their own sock-puppet replacement. This has been the goal from the very beginning although the great swirl of events has confused many as to the true nature of what is actually taking place. What we are seeing is a dirty tricks campaign (Russiagate) inflated into a full-blown, scorched earth, winner-take-all assault on the presidency.
BLMania and the New Progressive Faith: Gregory Hood from the Unz Review
Feelings don't care about facts. The mass hysteria that's gripped the Western world after the death of George Floyd can't be explained in rational terms. Police are shooting fewer unarmed black men each year, and most of the shootings are justified. Police are more likely to shoot a non-threatening white than a non-threatening black. In the Floyd case specifically, there's nothing that shows racial bias by police officers, and Floyd was on drugs and resisting arrest. Minneapolis police procedure allowed neck pressure in some circumstances. Former police officer Derek Chauvin's conduct wasn't extraordinary. But the facts are almost irrelevant. We're dealing with faith, religious ecstasy. We're in the midst of BLMania.
Ukrainian Trap for Biden : From InfoRus
Ukrainegate keeps unfolding with renewed vigor. Recently, lawyer and adviser to the current White House head Rudolph Giuliani presented another batch of scandalous revelations about corruption in Ukraine and the culpability of former Obama's Vice President Joseph Biden. The lawyer posted his 40-minute video on the Internet. According to Giuliani, most of the foreign aid to Ukraine worth $5.3 billion ($3 billion came from the United States) was stolen. Having a hand in this were former Vice President Biden and billionaire George Soros, with his extremely negative attitude to Donald Trump. Among others, the last three US ambassadors in Kiev Jeffrey Payette, Marie Yovanovitch, and William Taylor came into the picture. All the three were stooges of the Obama administration, with Joe Biden being a point man; "this episode is the tip of the iceberg, much more to come," Giuliani says on his own YouTube channel. According to him, American taxpayers' money was stolen through a network of grants allocated to various NGOs, and any corruption inquiry while distributing international financial aid was blocked by Washington, as well as by the administration of former Ukrainian President and Biden's great friend Petro Poroshenko. In the video, Giuliani shows a 2017 English-written document of Ukraine's Accounting Chamber which was handed to him by Verkhovna Rada Deputy Andrii Derkach.
This is a critical point in US history. We've entered a dangerous, chilling period that could lead to a race or civil war: Mitchell Feierstein from RT
Anything Trump wants to do is and will be fought with an eye to winning the presidential election. Just look at the controversy around school openings. There is not one documented case anywhere in the world that identifies a child as transmitting Covid-19 to a teacher but that doesn't matter. Trump wants to open the schools, so it must be a bad idea. The "party of science" is willing to dismiss Covid-19 facts if it will help them win the election. Why do teachers want schools closed? Well, 71 percent of teachers voted against Trump in the 2016 election and less than 10 percent of college professors are conservative. Why are all schools, sporting events, and other large gatherings canceled with the exception of anti-Trump riots, looting and arson led by ANTIFA and BLM? Democratic activists in the teachers' unions across America seek to foster fear, hate and terror, so voters will demand change even if it comes in the form of a candidate who appears to have Stage-four dementia. This hypocrisy is extraordinary. Trump has exposed the cabal and fake news media for what it is: a biased extension of the Democratic Party hell bent on creating division rather than the unity America needs. No one can predict the future with 100 percent certainty; however, it is highly likely that there will be no winners in this election. It follows that the world will not be a safer, happier place unless we get real change and not Dementia Joe's brand of Marxism that he got direct from Bernie Sanders and the real leader of the Democratic Party and "squad," Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

WATCH: New George Floyd Body Cam Video Shows Him Resisting During Minneapolis Arrest: Heavy
This is leaked video because the establishment doesn't want you to see it.
The Seven-Step Path from Pandemic to Totalitarianism: Rosemary Frei from Off Guardian
There are just seven steps from pandemic declaration to permanent totalitarianism and many jurisdictions are about to start Step 5.
One Nation Under Arrest: How Do COVID-19 Mandates Impact our Freedoms?: John W. Whitehead from Lew Rockwell

Did Ghislaine Maxwell run one of the biggest Reddit accounts?: Film Daily
This is really interesting.
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