War and Foreign Policy
Israel Smears Khashoggi as Terrorist to Maintain Saudi Alliance and Plans for War With Iran : Philip Weiss from Mondoweiss
Israel and Saudi Arabia: The globeís leading terrorists in alliance with a Zionist Occupied American Empire.
American Mercenary Boasts of Role in ďTargeted Assassinations ď Program in Yemen: From Russia Today
Abraham Golan, Hungarian-Israeli mercenary of the Spear Operations Group based in the United States, claims he was hired by the UAE.
US Sealift Canít Count on Navy Escort in the Next Big War : David B. Larter for Defense News

US Warplanes Drop White Phosphorus Munitions on Eastern Syria : From Press TV
If you like Zionist War Crimes, this is your story.

Caravan Puts Trump Legacy on The Line: Pat Buchanan from Lew Rockwell

David Duke Meets Jarod Taylor and Michael Hart: Jonas E. Alexis for Veterans Today
Fascinating read from start to finish, whatever oneís final conclusions. The Dr. E. Michael Jones quotation at the beginning kicks off the article beautifully.
Putin Loves Large, Traditional Families and Isnít Afraid to Show It: Michael Tare from Russian Faith
Putinís Russia revolts against the New World Order and the Western embrace of the Culture of Death embodied in LGBTQ perversion and Abortion on Demand.
The White Heterosexual Male Has Been Renditioned to the Punishment Hole : Paul Craig Roberts From Lew Rockwell
Jewish Cultural Marxism continues to shred the Old American Republic.

Election and Politics
Bolton and Kelly get into heated shouting match sparking resignation fears: CNN

Did the Saudis and CIA Fear a Khashoggi 9-11 Bombshell?: Finian Cunningham from Lew Rockwell

Ex-CIA Officer: Trump to Help Saudis Whitewash Khashoggi Murder : Philip Giraldi from Tasnim News Agency

First a Political Coup and Now a Religious Takeover in Ukraine : Valerie K. Nollan from Russia Insider
Are Western Zionists and Neo Cons targeting the Russian Orthodox Church? Poroshenko buys the Patriarch of Constantinople for $25 million.

Israeli Spyware Helping Dictatorships Track Dissidents, Minorities: From The Times of Israel

The Damnable Stock Market Cult and the Istanbul Bone Saw Massacre: David Stockman from Lew Rockwell
David Stockman underscores who the leading terrorists really are. They arenít the Alawite and Shia believers of Iran, Syria, and Lebanon.
TradCatKnight Radio : From TradCatKnight
Mark Dankof was todayís featured radio guest on Eric Gajewskiís TradCatKnight, the nationís leading Traditionalist Catholic radio show. Roman Catholic listeners to National Bugle Radio will enjoy this page.
We Now Know the Name of the Government Funded Group Pushing Facebook Censorship : Joe Martino for Lew Rockwell
The Atlantic Council.
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